Norwich: Drei Wochen Praktikum

Learning by doing a work placement in Norwich:
Experience three exciting weeks in England!

The Facts

Who: Pupils of form

  • FOS 11 Sozialwesen, Gestaltung, Wirtschaft,
  • FOS 12 Technik, Internationale Wirtschaft
  • BOS 12 Sozialwesen, Wirtschaft,
  • Internationale Wirtschaft

Place: Norwich, Norfolk, UK

Work: Various placement providers

Date: 9 July – 29 July 2022

Stay: University Campus UEA

The Advantages at a Glance

  • The school organises your stay and work placement.
  • We will inform you on what to expect and support you during your stay!
  • You get to know other pupils who join you in this experience.
  • You will stay on the university campus and get a first idea about British student life.
  • The stay will be in July before the end of the term.